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Te Araroa FKT Attempt (MapShare)

Starting Jan 1st, we (Maddie and Tom) are attempting to set the self-supported ‘Fastest Known Time’ (FKT) for Te Araroa (TA). At 3000km long, the TA traverses the length of New Zealand from north to south.

The current self-supported record is held by Tim Wright (69d 20h 37m), whilst the overall supported record is held by George Henderson (49d 14h 27m). A self-supported attempt means carrying your own gear and only using publicly available resources (e.g. posting parcels, using supermarkets, and receiving help from public trail angels).

You can follow along with the trip below, where our tracker updates our location every 20 minutes whilst moving. A friend will post on Facebook and Instagram regularly, and we will upload to Strava when possible (links at bottom of the page).

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